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The rapid growth of digitalisation has led many government bodies across the country to introduce and incorporate technology into governmental processes. At Indictrans we offer comprehensive digital solutions to public sectors that makes these processes easy and transparent in an effective and efficient manner.
Smart Cities Digital Governance, GIS, Document Management System (DMS), Direct Beneficiary Transfer (DBT) and Supply Chain Management (SCM) for Subsidies Product Distribution.


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Launching new version of digital file life-cycle management solution

Digital governance solution got awarded as best solution in urban local bodies across Maharashtra


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Enabling public sectors with advanced technologies!

A platform to bring digital transformation to public sector organisations!

Indictrans is closely associated with several Government bodies and public sectors, especially designed to upgrade and refine the flow, use and management of information. We are proud to be involved in the nation-building journey where we provide Digital Governance solutions to different government bodies with a variety of modern technologies to improve its efficiency, security, accessibility and reach at the same time.

We have been working on digitising processes and developed many solutions for various government bodies. We have grown expertise in customisation, integration, training, new app development and consultancy. We have designed an integrated system with payment gateway to collect various taxes, penalties, interests and make changes according to the amendment.

Redefining the future of public sector organisations with advanced-technology!

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Tax Collection Platform

Property Tax

Property Tax is one of the largest sources of revenue for the Municipal Corporations and Councils. The Web Based Property Tax Management System automate the various ULBs property services and provides the additional facilities of GIS Tagging, Digital Payment and Citizen Self Service Portals.

Automation of all operations

It automates all operations of Property Tax department reducing time and efforts required for various processes.

Accuracy of data collection

Integration with payment gateways and bank to collect the taxes, penalties, interest

Standard data model

Creates a standard data model for department which could be used as base for future projects and extensions.

Improves efficiency of staff

Improves efficiency of staff with use of Information Technology and its latest advancements.

generates analytical reports

Department can generate various analytical reports quickly based on information collected. Application works on both online and offline mode. On both modes it has following set of services.

Water Tax

The main goal of this Water Tax System is to handles water tax management tasks such as issuing a water tax bill, keeping customer personal details, and other administrative tasks. Along with different services relating to water tax management, we offer additional services of Meter Reading, Digital payment, etc.

Online Water tax Payment

Facilitates smooth and fuss free collection of taxes. online just on a click.

Online Application for Water connection

Makes it easy to categorise consumer demands and facilitates smooth transfer of connection.

New Water Connection Application

Helpful for the people in general to apply for a new connection online with ease.

Change of connection size

It is convenient for the change of connection size via online application.

disconnection of Water connection

Supports the disconnection without the physical presence with just an online application.


File Lifecycle Management Platform

Secure and safeguard your files and information through the File Lifecycle Management Platform!

Barcode Enabled File Lifecycle Management System (FLM) is a bilingual system, which controls the flow of official files across various departments. The world is moving towards paperless transactions. Automation and enriched customer service are keys to remaining competitive in the market. The FLM solution is intended to provide easy and secure access to users across the organization and maintain a  record of file movement.

  • Easily accessibility
  • Workflow-based
  • Barcode Enabled
  • Processed, shared and stored properly
  • Archived and moved to a safer space
  •  Unicode enables accessibility of data and also the system in regional language
  • Easy transmission of data to various departments
  • Provision to take various actions on file

Easily accessibility

Workflow based

Barcode Enabled

Processed, shared and stored properly

Archived and moved to a safer space

Unicode enables accessibility of data and also the system in regional language

Easy transmission of data to various departments

Provision to take various actions on file


Grievance Management Platform

It is a full-service platform for recording, tracking and managing grievances through Omni channels. Indictrans’s Grievance Management Suite automates the grievance management  through proper procedure by reporting and responding to them appropriately.

  • File management system for storing case information.
  • Integration of email and SMS alerts.
  • Facilitates various actions to be taken on grievances. 
  • Maintain the audit trail of actions taken.
  • The Turn Around Time (TAT) feature ensures timely closure of cases.


Other Services

We offer custom developed web applications, Android and iOS mobile applications. Indictrans has an experienced team of functional consultants, project managers, and developers who understand the government’s work process and can develop customized applications as per need.

 We offer the following customized software and services:

  • Mobile App Development,
  • Custom Portal Development,
  • Subsidy Management Solution
  • Visitor Management Solution


Digital Citizen Service Platform

Leverage mobile and social governance tools to deliver a superior experience to citizens across all channels and devices. Empower your employees to capture citizen data and deliver contextual communications. Bridge your operational silos and exercise strategic control over documents and information using our citizen services application.


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Our Team

Kanhaiya kale

Director - Finance, International Sales & Business Relations

Kanhaiya Kale

Kanhaiya is the backbone of Indictrans, taking care of operations, finance, and international marketing.  He has over 17+ years of expertise. He looks into on time delivery to client and ensuring products and services reach clients in the way they expect, He also possesses good understanding of customer service evaluating business operations. Kanhaiya holds a Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology degree.


Gupteshwar Joshi

Director -
Technology & Operations

Gupteshwar Joshi

Gupteshwar is a technology geek. He has over 17+ years of experience in GIS, BI, ERPNext, spatial visualisation and analysis, as well as other areas of line adoption. He have a good hold on technology team and resource. Gupteshwar has solutions for every issue. has a sharp eye for detail and a strong willingness to innovate in technology. He offers solutions that are dependable, cost-effective, and ecologically responsible. Gupteshwar is an information technology engineering bachelor's degree holder.


Narendra Godse

Director -
Business Development

Narendra Godse

With 22+ years of experience, Narendra have good connect in government and have strong experience in eGovernance. He is astute networker who build deep relationships within and across government sector. In Indictrans, he looks into business development and reaching new clients all over India. Before joining Indictrans, he worked on implementation of large government projects like NREGA automation, urban governance, financial inclusion, UIDAI etc. He is leader with a social conscience and work in the field of Education, Youth and Non profit Sector. He holds Bachelors Degree in Engineering.


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