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File Lifecycle Management

Barcode Enabled File Lifecycle Management System (FLM) is a bilingual system, which controls the flow of official files across various departments. It is a totally online/LAN system where the user can log in through his/ her own smart digital token and send files/reminders to other departments. The world is moving towards paperless transactions. Automation and enriched customer service are keys to remaining competitive in the market.

Improves staff efficiency, by up to 25% Reduces archive size by up to 20% through superior auditing. and control

Closes the gap for risk by confirming the audit trail to destruction, also can be made internet/intranet ready for self-service access.

Saves space, Provides a single hub for management, thus streamlining procedures and leaving. less room for error.

Runs parallel to join up all your organization’s data and make it accessible at the touch of a button.



  • Secured login process with electronic forms submission.

  • User-friendly interface.

  • Unique auto-generated number for complaints.

  • Facility to enter old documents.

  • Electronic processing of documents at various administrative levels.

  • Daily report on pending jobs.

  • Alerts for timely disposal

  • Multi lingual and Bar Code based unique identification for individual letter/File

  • Efficiency in letter/File processing.

  • Pin-points the exact location of any letter/File at any moment saving hours.

  • Performance analysis tool for management.

  • Helps in processing large quantum of letters/File.

  • It is a Web based application, so it helps to use or track letter/File via intranet or internet.

  • Delays in letter/File processing in any department or section can be found out.

  • Simple barcode for each letter/File helps in maintaining the uniqueness of the letter/File.

  • Helps in finding the complete journey of any letter/File and exact delays in any location.

  • Various operations on letter/File like create, forward, return, close can be performed easily.

  • Status of letter/Files like open, pending, close, hold, waiting, in-transit can get easily.

  • All departments, sections, desks get connected easily through this system.

  • Overall progress Report of any department, any officer can be finding out easily

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