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Grievance Management System

Grievances are common to citizen, workplaces and employees may have different reasons like discrimination, work conditions or any work not done related. Organizations have various tools to record and track grievance incidents through multi channels; file management systems for storing case information and a series of emails and calendars through which case workers work on the case. The disparate information sources create ambiguity and ineffective management of cases. It will help citizens to ventilate their grievances online and also help the government to get feedback on their policies, pronouncements and actions. Indictrans’s Grievance Management Suite automates the grievance management process and provides end to end management of each case.

Every grievance gets acknowledged and transferred online for field level action. This can also provide for forwarding and transfer of complaints from one officer to another thereby minimising time which it would take in the normal course. One can also find out the number of grievances pending with various officials at a given instant that would prove to be very useful in monitoring the efficiency of various sections.


Benefits of Grievance Management System

As internet connectivity and linking is there, it becomes possible for any officer to monitor the complaints received by him from anywhere and allows him the facility to issue virtual instructions for taking immediate remedial actions. Equally, citizens can also verify and track online the status of grievance disposal.

Grievance Management Solution you can achieve following benefits:

  1. Grievance reporting and triage
  2. Investigate and track cases
  3. Fast track high priority cases
  4. Adherence to regulatory compliance
  5. Intelligent decision making by tracking case patterns
  6. Resolve cases faster
  7. Collaborate and archive data from multiple sources
  8. Reports in pie diagrams with various filters.


Features of Grievance Management System

  1. The GMS is a combination of mobile app and web application.
  2. The mobile app enables citizens to capture the photo and upload along with the complaint.
  3. Workflow enabled solution which helps in hierarchy based complaint processing.
  4. The Geo tagging will provide the exact location from where the complaints are lodged.
  5. Real time tracking of complaint status using Unique ID.
  6. Each complaint will be defined as per urgency of work that needs to be done. Color combinations define the level of urgency.

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